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Bumble Beginnings.


It all began during his homebrew days when our founder, Sergio Moutela, began fermenting honey (making mead) at home. His fascination with honey evolved into starting his own apiary as well as opening what quickly became one of the most award winning meaderies in the world.

Staying hydrated was usually a burden for him when all you're talking about is plain water. So, with all of the premium honey varietals at his disposal, he decided to get fancy and began adding a touch of honey to his daily water intake for a little extra flavor, while also taking advantage of all the benefits he knew raw honey has to offer.

A few years later when he decided he wanted to offer a non-alcoholic option for his meadery patrons, he thought, well, why not serve honey water on tap!? He immediately found out that he wasn't the only one who was in love with the idea and how amazing it truly is.

And thus, Melle honey water was born with the name being inspired by the nickname of his sweet little goddaughter, Amelia.

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