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A New & Delicious Way to Stay Hydrated

Whether you are a 9-5 office worker or a professional athlete, you need to stay properly hydrated to stay at your peak performance. As our bodies are made up of over 60% water, ensuring that we are consistently replenishing our body’s access to life-giving water is vital to helping us live a thriving and successful physical, mental, and emotional life.

Why then do so few maintain proper hydration? Simply put, when it comes to drink options throughout the day, few will choose water over the beloved taste of popular soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol. Unfortunately, these drink options actually reduce the amount of water in your system, leaving your body craving the much-needed water it needs to operate at its full potential.

The Importance Of Proper Hydration

Staying properly hydrated provides numerous benefits to your mind and body. Yet few individuals know how much they should be drinking daily to maintain their unique hydration levels.

According to nutrition and medical experts, you should strive to daily maintain the 8x8 Rule:

8x8 Rule: 8 Glasses of 8-Ounce Water Per Day

However, while the 8x8 rule offers a great target for hydration, your particular body type and daily activity level may require a bit more water consumption. No matter the amount necessary, proper hydration offers many amazing benefits:

  • Increased Athletic Performance

  • Access More Brain Power In Daily Activities

  • Overall Better Health

  • Increased Energy

  • A More Positive Mood

  • Reduced Cravings & A Healthier, More Regulated Diet

  • Increased Weight Loss

  • Healthier Skin

...and more!

With so many great benefits to staying properly hydrated, many still choose dehydrating drinks such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugary soda. These options may seem better than water, but what if there was a healthy, hydrating drink option available that offered an even greater taste?

The Great-Tasting Benefits Of Honey Water

For those looking to increase their water intake and enjoy their drinks, there is an alternative that uses the powerful nutrients of nature to boost your H2O intake: honey water.

By combining the benefits of consistent hydration with the great-taste of natural honey, honey water is an incredibly beneficial drink option that will keep you hydrated while offering just a hint of honey sweetness that hits the spot.

The minds at Melle Honey Water have harnessed the benefits of pure honey to create a delicious and nutritious new drink that will help you stay hydrated all day. Made without artificial extracts or unnecessary concentrates, Melle Honey Water is created using only all-natural, premium honey that tastes great and keeps you going all day.

Packed with powerful health benefits, honey water not only tastes great - but it will bring a variety of incredible boosts to your entire body! The nutrients and antioxidants of Melle Honey Water’s pure honey can boost your focus, help you sleep better, and even take years off your skin’s aging!

Are you ready to bring Melle Honey Water to your daily hydration routine? Head online to learn more about Melle Honey Water, and how proper nutrition with a great-tasting alternative can help you maximize your potential!

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