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Explore The Magical World Of Honey

Everywhere you look in today’s health-obsessed market, new products are being peddled by brands promising miracle cures. Whether it's reducing age lines, brightening your teeth, or giving you the boost of energy you need to conquer your day, there is a new concoction and snake oil promising to make your dreams come true.

While there's nothing wrong with wanting to live a healthy and fulfilling life, we are all guilty of dropping too much money on products that deliver far fewer results than expected. What if we told you that one of the most powerful ingredients available today exists all around you?

It’s true, and you can start taking advantage of life-changing benefits of this miraculous substance today! In case the title of this article didn’t give it away, it’s time that you discovered the magical world of honey.

The Life-Changing Benefits Of A Bit Of Honey

When it comes to reclaiming your health, youth, and wellness, there is nothing quite like nature’s own power. As the humble honeybee goes about its daily business, she is constantly creating a substance that is packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, and natural chemicals that can bring a bit of sunshine to every part of your life!

5 Magical Insights About Honey

While the process of how a bee creates honey is incredible in its own way, the capabilities of nature’s homemade honey is even more magical. When extracted and studied, scientists have discovered some pretty crazy facts about honey. Here are five things about honey you may have never realized:

  1. While honey is naturally produced and offers a variety of health benefits, the substance itself is actually 80% sugar and only 20% water. (And that’s the whole recipe!)

  2. It may be easy to find and buy a pound of honey, but did you know it takes a visit to around two million flowers to collect all the nectar needed for that single pound? Not only that, but it will take over 50,000 miles of flight and the lifetimes of almost 800 bees to create that pound! Makes you appreciate all that hard work!

  3. Since it takes that many bees to create a pound of honey, one humble little honey bee will only create about 0.75% of a teaspoon of honey in its life! Now that is dedication to the craft!

  4. Each time a honey bee leaves the colony, it will stop by anywhere from fifty to one hundred unique flowers before heading home for the day.

  5. When it comes to sustaining life, honey is all you need to get by - sugar, water, and a bit of carbohydrates! How nice of nature to provide!

Not only is the creation of honey a miracle of nature, but honey itself provides quite a bit of unexpected benefits. A bit of honey added to your daily diet can help with:

  • Falling asleep and enjoying deeper rest

  • Clearing up and tightening skin

  • Adding a healthy bit of energy to the afternoon slump

  • A variety of health benefits, such as better digestion and a boost to your mental capacity.

Add A Bit Of Magic To Your Life With Melle Honey Water

When you get to know the amazing characteristics and capabilities of pure honey, you can’t help but want to start adding some to your life! But what if you aren’t quite ready to start adding a dollop of raw honey to your meal?

Solve your honey dilemma with the great tasting refreshment of Melle Honey Water. The team of flavor masters at Melle have brought together the mind-blowing benefits of all-natural honey with a clean and refreshing taste of water to create a brand new way to start enjoying honey each and every day.

Melle Honey Water is exactly that - honey water. With no artificial flavoring or extracts, you can trust that every sip of Melle Honey Water brings you the health and wellness benefits of nature’s sweet treat without the nasty additives found in other popular drinks. Simply add Melle Honey Water to your daily diet, and you will start to experience the magic of honey in your life in no time!

Learn more about Melle Honey Water and discover other incredible insights into the benefit of daily honey consumption.

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