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Quick Fix For That Afternoon Crash

We all know and dread the early-afternoon crash. If you are ready to find an all-natural and healthy way to recapture your afternoon, it’s time to check out the surprising benefits of this natural solution!

You’ve probably been there: the dreaded afternoon slump. You’ve been working hard all morning, driven forward by a joy-induced cup (or three) of coffee, when you take a much-deserved break for lunch. After a short breather, you head back to your work, ready to conquer the day and finish on top of your world - when suddenly your mind begins to slow down. Your shoulders stoop, your eyelids get heavy, and suddenly you can’t remember why you are even doing what you are doing. Instead of pushing through that next project or ticking off another item on your list, you realize you want nothing more than a good, long nap.

You know it the moment it arrives: the afternoon slump.

This sudden decrease in motivation accompanied with a sudden desire for your nice, warm bed is a familiar moment for many. Your daily afternoon energy crash can cause you to lose momentum, productivity, and ultimately suck away your passion for work and home throughout the rest of the day.

Why We Get Tired In The Afternoon

You may be surprised at the various reasons that you are suddenly hit by a wave of exhaustion each afternoon around the same time. Many times, our circadian rhythms - the internal clock that guides our bodies - can be to blame for the late afternoon slump.

Other times, it can be our own behaviors that are the sneaky culprit. From a carb-heavy lunch that spikes and drops your blood sugar like a rollercoaster to unnoticed dehydration from your morning idleness and coffee, your body needs essential nutrients and sugars in order to maintain it’s high-performance and energy-crunching power.

What our bodies and minds desperately need during these afternoon crashes is a small hit of sugar that wakes up our minds and boosts our bodies back to performance mode. Unfortunately, we are all guilty of choosing the less-than effective method for that sugar hit: energy drinks, coffee, and sugary snacks. While these may give a temporary boost in energy, the crash that follows can be just as bad as the original slump!

Honey - Your Afternoon Secret Weapon

What you truly need to fight off the afternoon crash is a secret weapon: a source of much-needed sugar and other essential nutrients that will benefit your body and brain, and give you the boost you need to push through the afternoon hours. Luckily, that secret weapon exists: honey!

Raw, natural honey contains a variety of healthy nutrients and just enough sugar to help you take back control of your afternoon from the jaws of defeat. By taking even a spoonful of honey after your lunch, you can help your mind naturally fire it’s motivation engine, and your body is sure to follow as your blood sugar rises just enough to be effective.

The natural source of insulin will help your energy levels rise, while the B vitamins will give you a great energy boost that reinforces focus, sharpness, and an overall positive attitude! Who would have thought that such a small bit of natural nutrition could deliver such powerful results?

How Melle Honey Water Is Fighting The Afternoon Crash

If you are ready to regain the powerful afternoon hours and stop the daily attacks of the crash and slump, it may be time for you to give the superfood power of honey a try! With a small bit of natural honey, you can start enjoying the benefits of a productive afternoon in no time.

What if eating raw honey isn’t quite your cup of tea? (Maybe honey in your cup of tea also isn’t your cup of tea.) At Melle, we have combined the power of raw honey with the great taste of slightly-sweetened water to create Melle Honey Water. Melle Honey Water is the perfect addition to your afternoon routine - offering the best benefits of natural honey with the smooth taste of water.

Every Melle Honey Water is created with an all-natural selection of premium honey - without the unnecessary extracts and concentrates - providing you with a healthy and natural afternoon drink alternative.

At Melle, we are serious about curating honey-flavored products. Melle Honey Water is no honey-flavored juice. Melle Honey Water is exactly what it says it is: honey water. If you are ready to give the afternoon honey habit a try, head over to Melle online to learn more, and find where you can buy Melle Honey Water for yourself! It’s time to take your afternoon back - with the power of honey!



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