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Recipe: Honey Water Iced Matcha

A well made iced matcha is both satisfying down to the soul and amazingly good for you. Now, throw honey water into the mix and you've got yourself a powerhouse of a refreshment!


- 4 grams (two level teaspoons) of ceremonial grade matcha

- 2 ounces of ice cold water (for diluting matcha)

- 12 ounces of Melle water (well chilled)

- Enough ice to top off to 16 ounces total

I like to start off my matcha making in a 16oz measuring cup to simplify the building of this recipe.

As in any great matcha, a good first step is to sift your matcha to make for easier dilution.

Another preferred step in matcha making is frothing it up. If you're a matcha purist, you can use the traditional bamboo whisk, but we prefer using a small handheld frother for super simple and quick frothing action, especially since we're not using any hot water here.


  1. Sift your matcha into a 16oz measuring cup

  2. Add 2 oz of ice cold water

  3. Froth up your matcha

  4. Add ice to reach the 4oz mark on your measuring cup

  5. Stir for a bit to really chilled everything down

  6. Pour into a 16oz cup and top off with 12oz of chilled Melle water

I pour everything into an insulated 16oz travel cup for on-the-go action that keeps my iced matcha cold for hours so I can enjoy throughout the day.

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