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Get a Better Night’s Sleep in One Easy Step

Finding yourself struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep? Check out our one-step method that will help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep and wake up refreshed!

How would you rate yourself as a sleeper? Are you someone who hits the sack and is out within seconds? Or are you a restless, up-all-night, mind-racing type of sleeper? If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, there is a surprising step you can take to help yourself drift away to dreamland faster: honey.

The Importance Of Good Sleep

Many individuals are convinced as to the need for a restful night’s sleep for their bodies, but few understand the effect sleep has on your brain! As one of the world’s most impressive natural supercomputers, your brand needs good, solid sleep in order to keep you running at your full potential.

When you sleep, your mind goes into overtime - working hard to sort through your stored information, memories, and experiences into the proper locations. This vital process helps your memory, cognitive ability, and increases your potential for adding new information each and every day.

In order for your brain to process information well, you need to have good, deep sleep each night. For those who find it difficult to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night, the brain won’t be able to process properly - leading to a tired mind, body, and soul.

Honey - The Brain’s Midnight Fuel Solution

However, few of us truly give our brains the fuel it needs to operate well while we sleep. That lack of nutrition can lead to restless sleep and a sense of being unable to stay asleep for the long periods of time necessary to process information.

Are you ready to discover the secret to falling asleep quickly and enjoying the benefits of a strong, refreshed mind? As your brain thrives on sugar (specifically liver glycogen), one of the best gifts you can give your brain is some honey!

While consuming sugar before bed may seem like a bad idea, honey provides your brain the fuel it needs to calm down and your body the ability to fall asleep!

With the right amount of honey just before bed, you can begin to help your brain grow strong while helping yourself fall asleep faster. Honey is not only great-tasting, but it can also quickly restock your stores of liver glycogen that help your brain operate well during sleep.

Not only will the liver glycogen help your brain, but honey also raises your natural insulin levels - a vital step in increasing your brain’s level of the chemical tryptophan. That’s right - the same tryptophan that lulls you into a post-turkey nap can be naturally induced through a bit of honey before bed!

The B vitamin niacin that exists within tryptophan can do wonders for helping draw you gently to sleep as you enjoy the sweetness of honey. Niacin can also help release melatonin, which can do wonders for lulling you to sweet sleep!

Enjoy Sleep Again With Melle Water Honey

With so many benefits to natural honey, it is truly a wonder why so few take advantage of this simple one-step to a great night’s sleep. If you are ready to take back your night and sleep soundly, it may be time to give honey a try!

Not quite the fan of raw honey? At Melle, our lightly-sweetened honey water may be just what the doctor ordered to help you fall asleep quickly. Melle Honey Water is created with an all-natural selection of premium honey - without the unnecessary extracts and concentrates that fill so many store shelves.

This is no honey-flavored juice. Melle Honey Water is just that: honey water. It’s the perfect treat before bed that takes you right to a great night’s sleep. With no heat or pasteurization, you can trust that Melle Water is a healthy and effective method for helping you fall asleep quickly!

Ready to learn more and try a Melle Honey Water before-bed ritual? Head online to learn more about the Melle Honey Water story, and buy some for yourself! Your body - and your mind - will thank you!

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