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Recipe: Orange BeeSide Cocktail

A twist on the South Side cocktail, kicked up a notch with the use of our lovely Orange Blossom honey water which pairs perfectly with the gin and mint used in such a recipe.


  • 1.5 ounces of your favorite gin

  • Melle's Orange Blossom honey water

  • 5 mint leaves (preferably sweet/mojito mint)

  • Two half-moon slices of orange


  1. Add one of your orange slices and mint leaves into a rocks glass (8oz)

  2. Muddle the mint with the orange slice

  3. Pour in your 1.5 oz of gin and stir

  4. Add ice to fill glass

  5. Top off with Melle Orange Blossom honey water

  6. Garnish with the other half slice of orange

Recipe inspiration and photo credit: @craftbeerdeer

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